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Make Valentine's Day Cards with hearts

Make Valentine's Day Cards with hearts

5 to 8 years
детали для открытки

Offer your kid to make cute Valentine's cards with hearts!
You'll need:

  • thick paper or cardboard,
  • pieces of felt,
  • scissors, glue,
  • felt-tip pens, pencils or colored pens,
  • buttons, sequins, laces, ribbons.

Cut out a rectangle from the cardboard - it will be your card.

Cut out small hearts from the felt, attach them to the card. Draw additional details with felt pen if needed:

открытка с сердечками

Use your imagination and be creative!

открытка с сердечками
открытка с сердечками

For the next step decorate the card with laces:

открытка с сердечками

Glue the sequins to the hearts:

Or just use buttons for this purpose:

Your cool gifts for St. Valentine's Day are ready!
Make photos of your kids making the cards and upload to the application. Write some words about his/her impressions.

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