5 to 8 years

Your child’s friends came to your house and you don’t know what to do to entertain this energetic company? Then invite children to make carnival masks!  

To do this, you need to find the following materials:

  • colored and white cardboard, colored paper;
  • scissors, glue, awl;
  • rubber bands or ropes.

Help all the kids to cut out masks. Then let everyone decorate their mask however they want. On the sides of the masks make holes, insert rubber bands. You can use rubber bands for banknotes. in that case you need to tie several rubber bands in a row to get one long, then tie it to the mask.Our carnival masks are ready! Now you can arrange a masquerade with fun dances and games!

carnival masks

Take a photo of the kids in masks, upload it to the app. Write a little about your party.

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