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Offer your little one to play with paper

Offer your little one to play with paper

from 9 months to 1 year 6 months

An ordinary paper is cool for entertaining babies and toddlers! Just give your little one several sheets of paper of different shapes and colours. The surface may also be different - rough, smooth or soft.

Your kid can:

  • crumple the paper and roll some paper balls;
  • throwing the paper balls into the basket;
  • give your child a roll of toilet paper to reel it off;
  •  tear the sheets into small pieces;
  • pinch off small pieces from a large sheet;
  •  roll tubes and simple figures, etc.

Playing with paper must be arranged only under strict adult supervision - don't allow your baby to put paper in their mouth and swallow it.

Indeed, you'll have to clean the room after the activity, but your little one will really enjoy it!

Make photos and upload a collage to the App. Write what your kid liked most at all.

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