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Play the finger game "The little mice"

Play the finger game "The little mice"

from 9 months to 1 year 6 months

Did you ever notice that a baby is fascinated with his or her hands once they discover them? The baby will watch their hands; curl them around each other; wiggle their fingers, and reach out and try to grasp things.The baby is also be somewhat mesmerized when watching others move their fingers in front of them, especially when the movement is combined with song and/ or music. Hence, the fingerplay activity is a way of getting and holding the baby’s attention!

Fingerplays are multi-sensory activities that also help babies to develop hand-eye coordination as they watch carefully and later tries the finger actions themselves. Fingerplay activities help a child to develop their gross as well as their fine motor skills as they use their fingers to express actions.

Read your baby the funny poems about little mice, making the appropriate movements:

The little mice are creeping, creeping, creeping
The little mice are creeping, through the house.
The little mice are sleeping, sleeping, sleeping,
The little mice are sleeping, through the house.
The old gray cat comes creeping, creeping, creeping,
The old gray cat comes creeping, through the house.
And the little mice run away.

One hand represents the mice, the other hand - the cat. One hand creeps, while the other comes slowly down from the air. Hands meet and one scampers behind the child's back.

Make photos of your little one listening to the rhyme, upload to the App. Write about his/her reaction to your actions.

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