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Walk in the fall forest

Walk in the fall forest

5 to 8 years

Getting your kid out in the woods can be great fun!

Woods are an exciting place to place to take the kids for a walk. They are great places to explore, so much to see, touch and smell! Wildlife and nature in abundance. A place to run round, get messy, and have wild fun! Here are some ideas to keep the kids the busy on a walk in the woods. They mostly use a bit of imagination, natural resources and in some cases a little forward planning.

  • Have a scavenger hunt. Kids love collecting & picking things up. There are so many things to pick up & collect along your walk pine cones, leaves, feathers, acorns, twigs etc. Take a bag with you to take home all your treasures.
  • Take a piece of paper & crayon with you to do bark rubbings or leaf rubbings.
  • Make some noise. Pick up some sticks of different sizes and textures, bang them against a tree. What noise do they make? If you have more than one child with you, can you work together to bang out a rhythm?
  • Collect some twigs, leaves, and stones to make some pictures with them. Write out their name or lay out a trail to follow.
  • Climb trees. Do make sure the tree is safe to climb and supervise all the time.
  • Find any fallen logs. Get the kids to walk across them, good for balancing skills and lots of fun.

Make bright fall photos with your kid, upload to the App. Write about your trip and add some words about impressions.

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