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Three valentines for your favorites

What's the best way to make a valentine? Here's some crafts children can make both with the help of their parents, or by themselves, using our step-by-step photo guide

3 to 8 years

Valentine's Day is a special reason to tell your loved ones about how we love them. And for children, especially pre-school-aged children and schoolchildren, it's an opportunity for a first-ever, timid confession. While a child might not dare to say "I love you" yet, they can express how they feel with a card.

Wachanga offers three types of beautiful and one-of-a-kind valentines. Let your child choose the one they like most.

Give them with love!

A Valentine with Buttons

You will need:

• cardboard;

• corrugated paper;

• felt-tip pen;

• glue (or glue-gun);

• wool thread;

• small buttons;

• scissors.

1. Cut out a rectangle from the cardboard, which will serve as the base for the postcard.

2. Cut out a heart from the corrugated paper.

3. Ask your child to wrap the heart with thread, and glue everything to the postcard.

4. Decorate the heart with small buttons.

5. Complete the composition with a frame - it can be drawn with a felt-tip pen.


You will need:

• Heavy paper (cardboard);

• pieces of felt;

• scissors;

• glue;

• A marker

1. Cut out rectangles from the paper - they'll be the base of your bookmarks.

2. Cut out the hearts (or flowers) from the felt.

3. Stick all the pieces onto the top of your bookmarks.

4. Complete the artwork with a drawing - use the marker to draw stems, leaves, other decorative elements.

Hearts made of thread

You will need:

• wire;

• bright wool thread;

• scissors.

1. Bend the pieces of wire to form hearts.

2. Ask your child to wrap the hearts in thread.

3. Make loops for valentines.

Take a photo of all the crafts you made together, upload to the application. Tell us about which one your kid liked doing the most and how much they like doing creative and artsy activities. Don't forget to let us know who they decided to give their valentines to.

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