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Contrasting spirals

Contrasting spirals

1 month

Draw your little one special pictures to look at - they will be beneficial for his/her vision development.

You'll need:

  • white thick (watercolor) paper;
  • markers.

Take the first sheet of thick paper and draw a black spiral on it with a marker.

Then draw a blue spiral on the second sheet, a red one - on the third sheet of paper.

You can also draw 2 contrasting spirals (green and red) - one inside the other - on the fourth sheet.

Hang the pictures, so that the little one can see them - next to the cot, near the changing table, in the bathroom, etc.

Change the pictures from time to time.

Viewing the drawings, your baby will learn to fix their eyes and distinguish colors.

Make photos of your baby viewing the pictures, upload to the App. Write about his/her reactions.

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