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Path Drawing Game

Path Drawing Game

For a kid, playing is the major way they learn about the world around them. It also helps them remember information better, and besides, it's just fun! Play more often!

from 1 year 6 months to 3 years

Not sure what to do with your baby? - Play an interesting game with them.

You will need:

  • a large sheet of paper (you can use leftover wallpaper);
  • gouache;
  • a jar of water;
  • thick and thin brushes;
  • mall and large toys (for example, large and small animal plushes);
  • damp cloth for hands.

Sit down with the baby at the table (it’s better to have the baby on your lap), place everything you need for the lesson in front of them. Tell him that the toys decided to go for a walk, but got lost and could not find the path.

Invite your child to draw a path for the toys with you - a wide one for a large animal and a narrow one for a small one. Help the little one to dip a wide brush in the paint and draw a line, let them try to repeat it with a narrow brush on their own. Discuss with your baby what you see in the picture. Ask them which path is better for the large toy, and which is for a small one. If the kid finds it difficult to answer or gives the wrong answer, answer yourself and praise them anyway. Rejoice together with your baby that the toys can now walk along the paths and go on an adventure.

If desired, in addition to the paths, you can draw other details (puddles,bushes, grass, trees, etc.). And from the cubes at the end of the paths, you can build houses. Change the game as you wish, come up with your own story with the baby.

Take a photo of your drawing, upload the photo to the app. Briefly write about how the game went.

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