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Soft Dice Games

Soft Dice Games

The different pictures on each side of these cubes attract a baby's attention. Investigating them, your child will sharpen their attention, memory, visual perception.

from 9 months to 1 year 6 months

Ask your baby to play with blocks. If your child is still pretty young, soft cubes (foam or cotton, covered with fabric) are better suited for them. They are colorful, lightweight and safe, so they won’t hurt themselves.

At first, your baby will simply look at them, learn to hold them, shift them from one hand to another, throw them and put them in a box. Do not give your child a lot of cubes at once - two or three are enough to play. When your kid learns to hold the blocks well, you can start building the turrets. First starting with 2-3 cubes, then you can add a few more pieces.

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Support your baby, praise them, play together. Working with cubes, your kid learns to control their hands, develops fine motor skills, coordinate their movements, train their eyes, gets acquainted with shapes and colors.

  When your baby gets a little older, they can be given plastic blocks, and after 2 years - wooden ones.

Take a photo of your child while playing, upload the photo to the application. Write a bit about how playtime is going.

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