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Simple Paintings for your Baby

Simple Paintings for your Baby

Crafting is a super useful activity for a kid. This activity teaches you to be attentive, accurate, stimulates the development of intelligence.

from 1 year 6 months to 3 years

Try an exciting new activity with your baby - crafting.

You will need:

  • colored and white cardboard;
  • colored paper (you can sometimes use velvet colored paper);
  • glue stick;
  • Oilcloth or newspaper for the table;
  • scissors, a simple pencil.

  1. Cut the cardboard sheets in half - this will be the base for the applique (A5 or A6 format).
  2. Make blanks for the applique in advance: cut out various figures from your colored paper, consisting of 2-5 parts. More details can be done - focus on how much your baby wants to do and what they can do.
  3. Create one craft with your baby a day or every other day (or even less often). Don't force your child to do something forcibly, creativity should bring joy.
  4. Make an exhibition of finished crafts. Place them, for example, on the refrigerator. To do this, use magnets.

Try to make each lesson for the little one interesting and informative. If you are making, for example, a hedgehog, then first you can consider the image of a hedgehog in some book, you can read a poem about a hedgehog, and so on. If you are making an applique of any vegetable / fruit, then give the baby the original thing, let them examine it, touch it and even taste it. If it's snowing outside the window, watch the snowflakes with your baby, and then make a winter applique. It is very important to study objects from different angles, it helps the child to get more information about the world around them.

Activity picture for Simple Paintings for your Baby in Wachanga

You can make a whole book out of all your applique cards and then use them for viewing and studying.

Take a picture of your toddler's applique exhibit. Let us know if they like to do this creative activity.

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