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Arrange regular sunbathing for your baby

Arrange regular sunbathing for your baby

3 to 9 months

You want to have kids with better posture and bone strength. So why not try sunbathing? Little babies should be exposed to sunlight in the early morning. The ultraviolet rays in sunlight can boost capacity to form vitamin D in the body, which help to develop bone and muscle. Start with sunbathing in few minute increments and then gradually increase, when your baby is 3 months or more can sunbathe for about half an hour. Mother should also sunbathe and play with baby in the sun. Spending time outdoors in the sunshine can do wonders for improving your mood and helping you to relax, not to mention boosting your much needed vitamin D levels to help your body absorb calcium for healthy bone development. In summer time, let the baby sunbathe from 6 to 7.30 am. Time sunbathing should not be too long, more than 10 minutes is not good for the health of your baby.

Choose a clean place with lot of sunlight illumination and pay attention to avoid catching the wind. You should let all the baby’s body come in contact directly with the sunshine but avoid direct sunlight on their face. You can put a hat on your little one.

After sunbathing, use soft cotton to absorb sweat for baby and let your baby drink a little water added as well. It should not be exposed to the sun through the glass as this will not work. Even in winter you can still sunbathe for your children in the house with the door open wide but don’t sunbathe behind the glass. However, avoid the days of unusual weather or the time the seasons begin to change.

Make photos of your baby sunbathing and upload to the App. Add some words about his or her impressions.

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