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Play the game "Noisy bottles" with your baby!

6 months

Here's an easy-to-arrange and funny game for your baby!

You'll need just little things of different size, shape and color - buttons, pins, sand, beans, rice, pasta, etc. and unbreakable bottles with lids.

  1. Put the little things into the bottles and close them tightly.
  2. Show your little one that each bottle makes a different noise when you shake it. Offer your baby to shake it and listen to the sounds.

You can also make several pairs of the bottles with the same things inside, mix the bottles and try to find the the pairs according to the noise they make!

This game helps your little one develop their sense of hearing, fine motor skills and strengthens muscles.

Make photos of your baby playing with the bottles and upload to the App. Write whether your baby liked the noisy bottles!

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