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Dance with your little one!

Dance with your little one!

under 9 months

Have you ever found yourself wondering what the heck to do with a baby who can’t roll, can’t scoot, can’t sit up, or can’t crawl? Um, yeah, pretty sure we all have. Well, you’re in luck, because here’s an idea… Dance with your baby!

Your baby will more than likely LOVE it and it will put you in a pretty good mood, too. Find your favorite groove – and get to work as your baby’s favorite dance partner!

Dancing with your baby is great because it:

  • gets baby off the floor and into your arms
  • allows baby to experience lots of fun movement and stimulation (such as bouncing up and down or rolling and flying in your arms) before being able to move independently
  • prepares baby for the big task of learning how to roll
  • exposes baby (and you!) to different kinds of music and rhythm

To dance with your baby, all you have to do is turn on that music, find a position that suits baby’s age and comfort, and start bopping around. Dance and sway and sing for 30 seconds or so and then…FREEZE!…for a few seconds to give baby’s body (actually the inner ear) a chance to process all that movement and sort of “reset” for the next round. Dancing with too consistent a rhythm and no freeze breaks can cause your little one to sort of “tune out” the movement and lull them into lala land. Since that’s not the goal of this activity, we want to break things up to keep baby alert and engaged!

Be sure to switch up positions when you dance with your baby so they can experience all different kinds of movement.

You can hold baby facing out. You can hold baby sideways. Or you can roll baby down and make him fly!

Make things really fun and dance with baby in front of a mirror or even during a play date with other dancing babies!

Make photo of you dancing with your little one and upload to the App. Write whether your little partner liked the dance!

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