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Start using a fitball for tummy time!

2 months

Tummy time is important for a baby's physical development, though some of them are not fond of it - wouldn’t you scream, too, if you were plopped face down on the floor and didn’t have the strength to lift your head or push up and change positions? 

So it should come as no surprise to you that research has shown that the majority of parents give their babies 30 minutes or less of tummy time per day. Additional research has shown that these parents avoid or discontinue tummy time sessions specifically because their babies just can’t tolerate it.

But there's a way out - use a fitball to make tummy time easier and more fun for baby!

Make sure you have a good grip on baby, gently place them tummy-down on top of the therapy ball. You can vary the angle at which your baby is positioned, thus determining how easy or difficult it is. A greater incline will be more comfortable for a baby who is just beginning tummy time (kind of like being held up against an adult’s shoulder as a newborn), whereas a more flat position right on top of the ball will be more challenging and appropriate for babies who are further along in the process and more comfortable being on their tummies.

Once you get your baby into a position on the ball that is comfortable for both her and yourself, you can begin to slowly roll her forward and backward, making sure you keep a good grip on her and that she is okay with how far and fast you are moving her.

The first therapy ball tummy time session doesn’t have to be long — it can be less than a minute if needed! The goal at the beginning is simply to get baby comfortable on the ball and get you as the grown-up comfortable with handling baby on the unstable surface. If you want to be extra cautious when starting out, you can always recruit your partner or another helper to help stabilize the ball as you focus on keeping your hands on the baby.

Once baby is secure on the ball, your helper can even position him or herself in front of the ball to smile at baby and entertain them! Remember, the farther forward you roll baby, the more difficult it is because their body moves into a more “flat on the ground” type of position. So start out slowly and only roll them as far as they can tolerate while still being happy.

Make photos of your baby on the fitball, upload to the App. Write how he/she reacts to the position.

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