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Massage your baby's fingers!

Massage your baby's fingers!

under 9 months

Babies learn about the world through their senses, and their biggest sensory organ is their skin. Beginning with childbirth, a baby's first experiences are through his skin—feeling the uterus squeezing him out into the world, sensing the cold air on his skin, being rubbed or gently slapped on the bottom to start his first breath, and being brought to suckle at his mother''s breast.  Just as baby animals need to be licked and stroked for healthy development, human babies also need to be touched. And parents are naturally drawn to touch their babies—to stroke their skin, play with their fingers and toes, kiss the top of their head, blow raspberries on their belly, and cuddle them to their body.  Infant massage is simply an extension of what you naturally do. It consists of specific techniques for touching and stroking your baby. For centuries, infant massage has been a traditional practice in Asian, African and Latin American cultures, and it has recently gained widespread popularity around the world.

There are many different techniques for infant massage. What is common among the massage techniques is that they gently stimulate the baby's skin and the underlying muscles and organs, thereby stimulating the baby's circulation, digestion and nerve growth. 

To make fingers massage just open baby's hand with your thumb and gently stroke the palm and top of the hand. Gently roll each of baby's fingers between your index finger and thumb.

Make a photo and upload it to the App. Write about your baby's impressions and reaction.

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