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Play a funny sensory game with your baby!

Play a funny sensory game with your baby!

under 9 months

Little ones don’t need extravagant play times set up for them. Absolutely everything is something to explore and wonder at when experiencing it for the first time! From toes in the grass to splashing in water, babies find out about this brand new world around them using all of their senses, sometimes all at the same time!

Here are some ideas for safe tasting, hands on exploring and tactile investigating. As always, never leave your baby unattended when playing.

Play together to increase the opportunities for sharing and communicating as they explore and make this a special bonding time!

Remember, their attention spans are not long at this stage and that is fine. A few minutes of one of these ideas per day is plenty, and come back to revisit them often as repetition is what leads to familiarity and building on learning skills later.

Use some coloured hair rollers in different sizes! Such a lovely, tactile exploratory experience and great for little hands to develop coordination and motor skills along the way!

The rollers made a wonderfully tactile sensory play material and your little one will spend a while just exploring them, turning them over and running their fingers over their surface. The bristles make the rollers stick together and that is fun for baby to find out as they pick up two at a time and push them together, then pull apart again repeatedly.

Make a photo of your baby playing with hair rollers and upload to the App. Write whether your little one loved the game!

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