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Play the game "Putting things in order!" with your baby

from 9 months to 1 year 6 months

Always offer your baby to take part in  putting toys away in boxes! This way, your little one learns to look after the living space and gets their first self-service skills.

Truthfully it’s really easy to teach your kid to put away toys! Just as soon as they can take toys out, they can learn to put toys back.

Here are some basic facts to help you understand why it is not such a difficult task:

  • Children don’t see cleaning up as a chore (like we do), they just see it as another activity.
  • Children like to be involved in anything that we (the parent) are doing.
  • Children like to imitate.
  • Children like routine.
  • Children will follow direction if you make it fun, especially if the activity is paired with a song.
  • Children do not only like order, but they thrive in an environment that is neat, uncluttered, orderly and aesthetically beautiful.

It is important not to have clutter so that a child can really see what toys they have and be able to enjoy them. Tips to Avoid Clutter:

  • Rotate your child’s toys so that he or she is not overloaded.
  • Try to keep the categorical themes, but switch out a car for a new one and store the other one away for another day.
  • Take away toys that your child has outgrown.
  • Display the toys as if you were a boutique store rather than a discount store.

Make photos of your baby helping you put toys away and upload to the Add. Add some words about your own "secret features" that help you to keep baby things in order!

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