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Play with water and a sieve

from 9 months to 1 year 6 months

This is a simple but useful game! It develops fine motor skills, eye and movement coordination.
You'll need:

  • a bowl of warm water;
  • a sieve or a small colander;
  • different little floating toys, caps, plugs, sprigs, etc.

Put all the little things into the bowl and offer your kid to catch them with a sieve! Talk to your little one, ask about the things they catch

Describe your baby's actions and the property of the things they’re trying to catch. You can add some non-floating things and show your baby how they are sinking. Pay attention that the toys caught from the bowl are wet.

If your kid can't catch things with a sieve, let them catch them with hands.

Playing this game, your baby learns so much about the world and things properties.

Make photos of the process and upload the collage to the App. Write briefly about your and your baby's impressions.

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