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Activities with Balls

from 1 year 6 months to 3 years

Interacting with adults is important for the growth and development of toddlers. Any time you can spend with your toddler, talking or playing, will benefit him/her.

However, something as simple as a ball can be used to help the little one in all areas of development!

Dropping the Ball

From a very young age, babies love to drop objects just to see adults pick them up. Show a tennis ball to the infant. Talk about the color of the ball. Talk about the round shape of the ball. Bounce it. Hand it to the baby and let them drop it. Pick it up and continue to play. Talk continuously to the baby about what you are doing. This type of interaction strengthens language skills, social skills and reasoning skills.

Roll the Ball

Once a baby is able to sit up, roll a ball to them. Take his hand and teach them to roll it back. By playing roll the ball with your baby, you will help her develop eye-hand coordination. As you play with and talk to your baby, language skills are being developed, as well as perceptional skills. By talking and playing with your baby, you will not only help your baby grow, but the bond between baby and parent will grow as well.

Playing With a Large Ball

An oversize ball is an excellent way to play with an infant or toddler. Sit your infant on top of the ball and gently bounce them up and down. Allow your toddler to lie across the ball and roll around. You can also roll and toss the ball to play with your child. All of these activities with a large ball will help your growing child develop coordination, stronger muscles and cognitive development.


Put a little water in several empty two-liter bottles. Arrange the bottles so that they are close together. Get a basketball, soccer ball or any other medium-size ball. Show your toddler how to roll the ball and knock the bottles over. This activity helps develop hand-eye coordination and strengthens growing muscles. Bowling with your child also develops language and social skills. When you or another child plays with your toddler, he/she will begin to understand the concept of competition.

Make photos of your toddler playing with a ball, upload to the App. Write about the active games you arrange with the little one and his/her impressions.

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