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Arrange a Game of Tag with your Kid!

3 to 5 years

Tag suits all kids without exception - it is so fun to just run around the yard or playground. Besides, this game is collective, exciting, and gives the possibility to feel passionate. It develops agility, endurance and strengthens health.

Rules of the game:

  • choose the Master, using rhymes;
  • while the Master counts up to five, other players run away from them, taking five steps;
  • the game begins - all the players run away, and the Master should catch one of them;
  • the one who was caught (the Master just touches the player) becomes the Master, and the game begins again.

To play the game, it's better to choose flat grounds or glades without dangerous obstacles.

There are also the following rules: pushing and tripping are forbidden.

Younger kids can also play with mom or dad. Run around together, get a charge of energy and lots of positive feelings!

Take a photo of your kid playing and upload it to the App. Write briefly about the game and your kid's impressions!

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