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Make an obstacle course

3 to 5 years

There is nothing more exciting than to overcome obstacles and conquer heights. Make your own obstacle course out of ordinary objects that you are likely to have in the garage or around the backyard - for example, a wooden ladder, inflatable pool, trampoline, pillows, chairs, benches, plastic hoops, etc. The tasks difficulty should correspond with the age of your kid, gradually complicating and complementing your obstacle course. There are lots of variants to use the obstacle course, and the game will bring you lots of fun! Your kid will develop agility, flexibility and coordination, and yet they will learn to overcome the obstacles in their path.

Here are some possible tasks:  - Walk along a bench ;

 - Walk along the chairs set in a row;

 - Creep under the chairs;

 - Jump over an obstacle (it can be a toy or a book);

 - Throw the ball into the basket;

 - Knock down pins with a ball;

 - Climb over the pillows, etc.

  • Walk along the chairs set in a row
  • Creep under the chairs
  • Jump over an obstacle (it can be a toy or a book)
  • Throw the ball into the basket
  • Bring down the pins with a ball
  • Climb over the pillows, etc

Play with your children, it will bring a lot of joy and cheerfulness!

Make photos of the process, upload to the App. Write briefly about the experience and your impressions.

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