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Develop Crawling Skills

from 1 year 6 months to 3 years

Crawling is a very useful skill. It can simply be done on the floor in a straight line. But, you can also build various obstacles. If you put chairs in a row, you get excellent tunnels. From the sofa cushions, you can also build a tunnel or a small mountain, which needs to be climbed. A narrow pipe can be made by folding a polyurethane rug or carpet. It is also good to use special children's tunnels and tents, which can be bought in stores or online.

Teach your baby to crawl both forward and backward. It is very useful to walk and run on four limbs, on straight legs and hands, depicting a spider.

Such exercises develop muscle strength, agility, flexibility, and coordination. And besides, it's also just fun!

Take a picture of your baby learning to crawl. Upload the photo to the application. Write briefly about how you built tunnels and crawled through them.

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