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Make your baby an herbal bath

Make your baby an herbal bath

under 9 months

Usually, parents begin giving their babies herbal baths to help cure jaundice (very typical, though not permanent) in newborn babies. It also helps regulate their body heat, and reduce itchiness. You can also let your baby spend some time in the sun to help with their jaundice, but keep in mind if it seems to be an ongoing problem, it’s best to contact your doctor. Use herbs such as Gardenia Fruits, Bitter Gourd and Verbena bring calming effects and rejuvenate your baby after their bath.

Newborns can use one baby herbal bath for their daily bath. Boil water with the herbal sachet, then remove sachet before adding fresh water to bring the water to the right temperature. Use this water to bathe your baby.

Make photo of your baby bathing and upload to the App. Write what herbs you used and how your little one reacted to the bath.

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