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Arrange a regular bathing for your little one

Arrange a regular bathing for your little one

under 9 months

It’s up to you how often you bathe your baby. Some babies love being in the water, and giving your baby a warm bath can become a fun and relaxing ritual. That's not to say you have to bathe your baby every day.You little one is a newborn, a bath two or three times a week is enough to keep them clean. Bear in mind that if you live in a hard-water area, too much tap water may dry out and damage your baby’s skin. Between baths:

  • wash your baby's face regularly
  • clean your baby's genitals and bottom after each nappy change
  • wipe any grime off their skin

Choose a time of day when you're not expecting any interruptions and have time to devote to your baby. It's best if your baby is awake and contented before you start, and between feeds so they’re neither hungry nor full. When your baby is newborn you may find it easiest to bath them during the day. But after a few months, a bath can become part of their bedtime routine. Warm water can help to relax your baby and make them sleepy. It's also an opportunity for other family members to get involved. Bath time is a part of baby care that dads often enjoy taking on.

Make photos of your baby having his or her first baths and upload to the App. Write whether your little one likes bathing.

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