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Give your kid a massage

Give your kid a massage

under 9 months

Every child, no matter the age, should be massaged at bedtime on a regular basis.

Kids respond very positively to any form of massage. It is probably the sense of touch and the bonding it brings that has such a therapeutic effect on the child being massaged. For infants, the gentle gliding stroke with some oils is the best form of massage therapy. As children grow older, massage can include separate work on hands and feet, concentrating on the fingers and toes.

Many indigenous tribes use some form of bodywork to soothe, relax and heal their little ones, sometimes including scented oils and herbal remedies as part of the experience. With our modern technology and hurried lives, we frequently find ourselves lacking in quality family time and touching each other less. The ancient practice of massage can serve to reaffirm a close bond with our children, and to convey a comforting sense of security and trust.

Make photos of the process, upload to the App. Write whether your kid likes the massage and how often you practice it.

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