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Let’s practice breathing

Do breathing exercises with your baby. This will help the growth of their lungs, the development of other internal organs and speaking skills.

5 to 8 years

Respiratory exercises help your baby’s body develop correctly. They are very healthy. With the help of simple exercises, oxygen metabolism in the body improves, your intestines and heart are stimulated. Breathing exercises for children who are hyperactive or have attention disorders are twofold. Kids learn to relax and calm down with these exercises. Also, breathing exercises contribute to the development of better speech.

Conduct breathing exercises in the form of an exciting and fun game. This will not only help you organize your child's schedule in an interesting way, but will also benefit their health.

For the game "Roll the ball away" you will need a foam or cotton ball with a diameter around 2 centimeters.

  1. Smile and put the wide front edge of your tongue on your lower lip (inside your mouth), then smoothly, with the sound F (fffff), blow the ball to the opposite edge of the table.
  2. Blow on the ball with a sharp, jerky air blast. The ball must be moved with one exhalation, without interrupting the air stream.
  3. Show your child how to do these exercises, then try them one at a time.
  4. Watch your baby to make sure they’re not puffing out their cheeks. If necessary, you can slightly press them with your fingers. Pay attention that the child pronounces the sound F, and, that the air stream is narrow, and not diffused.

Attention! Respiratory exercises should be stopped immediately if your child turns pale or flushed. Also, stop the lesson immediately if your baby complains about numbness in the arms or legs, as well as trembling hands. These symptoms may indicate pulmonary hyperventilation. If this happens, then you need to ask your baby to fold their palms in a boat and "dip" their face into them, take a deep breath and exhale 2-3 times in the palm of their hand. This is usually enough to stop unpleasant symptoms.

Upload a photo of your child to the app. Write a bit about their success.

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