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Arrange playing with cars for your kid

3 to 5 years

Kids – not only boys –  are fond of playing with toy cars!  Cars can be very different:

  •  large dump trucks for the transportation of various cargoes (you can also put there your kid);
  •  smaller cars with a rope;
  •  all kinds of special machinery: a truck crane, a cement mixer, an ambulance, an excavator, etc.
  • clockwork and inertial cars, car-constructors, cars with remote control, etc.

You can arrange with toy cars various role-play games:

  • just ride the cars;
  • build garages for trucks;
  • build a car repair, a car wash;
  • organize the competition of racing cars;
  • carry toy animals, constructor blocks for buildings, vegetables to the toy shop, etc.

Playing with toy cars develops your kid's imagination, social skills and broadens the mind.

Make photos of your kid playing with different types of toy cars and upload the collage to the App. Write briefly about his or her favourite role play with cars.

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