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Make a house out of a cardboard box with your kid

from 1 year 6 months to 3 years

Make a small house for your little one out of a cardboard box! Kids are fond of such cozy huts, where they can "live" - play, hide, eat, invite friends and even sleep!
Take a large cardboard box, cut out a door and window with your kid’s help.
Decorate the walls of the house inside and out:with wallpapers, cozy images, or ask your little one to paint some funny pictures. Come up with the street name and the house number!
Lay a a blanket on the floor. Hang curtains on the window.  Switch on a table lamp inside the hut or even hang a Christmas garland.
Give your kid some sweet fruits, juice, make sandwiches and have lunch or dinner in the hut!

Make photos of your child playing in his or her own house and upload the collage to the App. Write briefly about your kid's impressions.

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