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Play with balloons

Play with balloons

from 1 year 6 months to 3 years

Kids are fond of balloons, it is simple and accessible entertainment. Buy several balloons of different colour and forms and inflate them with your toddler. Let your little one try to inflate them and tie a rope.

You can arrange lots of different games with the balloons, for example:

  • throw the balls to each other, it helps develop movement coordination;
  • inflate the balls and then let the air escape with funny sounds;
  • if there are no pictures on the balls, you can draw funny faces with markers;
  • you can make squeaky sounds with the┬áballs;
  • inflated the balloon up halfway, tie a rope and just knead it with hands or tread with feet, etc.

Be creative playing with your kid!

Make photos of your happy toddler playing with balloons and upload the collage to the App. Write whether you liked the game.

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