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Show your kid your love!

under 9 months

Kids need our love. Care and support will provide your child with a sense of security, needed for him/her to safely learn about the world around. Love and attention surrounding the kids during the first years of life, have a direct impact on their physical, mental and emotional development.
How to show your love? Hugging, touching, smiling, kindness, support, ability to listen and readiness to play with the baby - these are the main manifestations of your love! If the baby is crying, and you immediately come up to them to find out what's wrong, you will not indulge your kid, especially in the first six months of their life. Your response to the emotional mood of your baby when they are frustrated or, conversely, happy, will help you establish credibility and strong emotional bonds with each other. If you immediately come to the crying baby in the first months of their life, they will be less whiny when they become older.

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