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Choosing Toys

Choosing Toys

Toys are an important component of a child's all-round development, but they must be appropriate for their age and learning needs.

from 9 months to 1 year 6 months

A kid at this age is interested in everything around them.

Especially during this period they’re super interested in toys on wheels - these can be bright plastic cars, animal figures.

A wonderful toy for a baby can be their own stroller: taking their first steps, they will be happy to roll it in front of them during a walk. Thus, it will be possible to achieve several goals at once: first, the child will have the opportunity to feel almost the same as mom or dad (after all, they’re engaged in such "adult" business!); secondly, it will be easier for them to maintain their balance while walking.

You can buy your child a doll stroller or a gurney with a handle that you can roll in front of you. The kid will like it even more if these toys make any sounds when moving: this will become an additional incentive to walk. At home, an ordinary small chair or stool can act as a stroller, which the baby can push in front of them while walking.

When picking toys for your little one, don't forget about balls. It’s best if it is rubber, with a diameter of about 15-20 cm. Now ball games will no longer be limited to indoors, so it is necessary that the ball is elastic enough, "bouncy" and that it is easy to wash.

Ball games can be varied: at home, you and your baby can roll the ball to each other. This simple game will contribute to the development of coordination of movements and will help the development of spatial awareness. On the street, you can throw the ball - to each other or against the wall: even if the child does not immediately learn to catch it, these attempts themselves will stimulate physical activity, and they will be more confident on their feet.

Games with cubes will become more varied. The requirements for the cubes remain the same: it is desirable that they be made of unpainted and not paper covered wood or plastic: after all, the baby still loves to taste toys.

Rattles (as "percussion instruments" during music lessons) and wind-up or electric musical toys and instruments will come in handy.

And finally, do not neglect household items: it is no secret that the baby will still love them more than any expensive educational toys.

Don't throw away plastic bottles, jars and cups. Take care of gallon and half-gallon milk or kefir bottles and small jars of baby food: this wonderful building material can outshine any expensive designer toy.

Don’t hide away sponges and washcloths, and bathtime toys while bathing - and bathing will become your baby's favorite activity.

Do not forget about special "water" toys: floating ducks, boats, small inflatable and wind-up floating toys. Almost any household item can turn into a toy (of course, if it meets safety requirements), you just need to show ingenuity and the ability to look at the world of things familiar to us from an unexpected angle.

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