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The harm of a constantly turned on TV and electronics on the psyche of a child

The harm of a constantly turned on TV and electronics on the psyche of a child

To protect children from the harmful effects of TV and other gadgets, follow the advice of our psychologist.

under 8 years

In the modern world of advanced technologies, children very early get acquainted with various gadgets. Almost all parents use the TV to keep their children busy for a while. Electronics help moms and dads free up some time for household chores and for themselves. How that time is used is up to you. But it's worth noting that there is a lot of really useful content both on TV and on the internet. For example, many modern cartoons have a lot more educational material than older ones. However, everything needs a limit, especially when it comes to looking at a screen.

The positive effect of children watching TV has not been confirmed. At the same time, it is definitely harmful for children under the age of two, the American Academy of Pediatrics claims.

In particular, the amount of time on the TV inhibits the development of oral speech. Interacting with the screen, the baby enters into unidirectional communication, they do not communicate. They may not learn how to talk to either children or adults properly.

Our brain must learn from living people, this is especially true in early childhood.

Seek help from family or friends, if you need a "break", learn to ask for help, but do not immerse your baby in the world of electronics and TV.

The reason for the popularity of electronics lies in the fact that by the age of two (from 18 to 30 months) the child learns to perceive information in a different way and is able to focus their attention. Therefore, they can sometimes include educational programs. Over the age of two, children can learn from interactive programs. It is important that the characters on the program address the child from the screen and give them the opportunity to answer, for example, as in the animated series “Dora the Explorer”.

The use of electronics for the development of your baby should be limited. Watching (or listening in the background) to TV for more than two hours a day is very harmful for the growing body, as it leads to obesity due to low mobility. Also, children who watch a lot of TV and play with gadgets indefinitely often refuse to read books and learn new things, because gadgets take all the children's attention. As a result, children may develop attention disorders and sleep issues. Children find it difficult to concentrate on something after watching TV for a long time and find it difficult to fall asleep if they have recently watched a TV show.

It is also important for parents to keep track of what content the child is watching. Do not trust any YouTube videos if they are tagged as children's content. Preschoolers are very susceptible to scenes of violence and are easily influenced, they naively believe everything that is told to them from the screen.

In addition, children do not always understand the meaning and message of visual content, so it is important when watching children's cartoons or films to discuss what they have seen, and it is better to think about how this or that program can be useful, and how your child will perceive it.

Be attentive to your baby, communicate with them more often, because no TV or other gadget can replace live communication with parents and loved ones.

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