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Learn how to stimulate your baby's sensory development

Learn how to stimulate your baby's sensory development

under 1 month

Stimulating your baby’s sensory development is important, as it will introduce them and get them used to sight, sounds, smell and taste.

The moment your little one is born, they begin to examine and learn about the world around them. Can you imagine going from a dark, small womb to the bright and overstimulating outside world? Your child is constantly inundated with new sounds, sights, smells and touches that will help the learn more about their new environment. You can help, too! Promote sensory development with these tips:


Imagine yourself stuck in traffic. The city is blaring noise all around you, from noisy cars to loud music. Maybe it’s really hot outside today, you have a headache, and the sun's glaring through the windshield at you. That is sensory overload. This is how your baby feels when over-stimulated. Too many loud noises or too much visual stimulation can make your child feel easily overwhelmed.

Sights and Sounds

Your baby loves the way your voice sounds. Some studies even suggest a baby can recognize their mother’s voice from the moment of birth! Try to use a calm, reassuring tone with them. Avoid abrupt, loud noises. Also, try singing to them. They won’t be able to tell if you’re a good or bad singer, it’s still very soothing to your baby either way.

There are toys on the market that are designed for infant visual stimulation. Several years ago, researchers found that infants had a far easier time discerning black, white and red colors. Now, there are mobiles and playmates in these colors that can help baby with their visual development.

Mirrors are good for stimulation too. You can find non-breakable baby-proof mirrors that you can use with them or even lay in their crib. Some have lights or little things they can touch to interact with it, too.


Some babies like to be held and touched more than others. There are ways to introduce them to new textures and feelings without over-stimulation. Try laying them out on a blanket, try letting them lay without their shirt on. You can try massaging your infant very gently. Again, avoid over-stimulation. Passing them around from relative to relative or having all your friends hold them and play with them can be over-stimulating.

There are lots of toys on the market that promote sensory development for infants through touch. Soft toys are especially great, and many offer different textured surfaces for your baby to feel and learn from.

You might also find during their development, your baby will be sticking a lot in their mouths. Babies like to put everything in their mouths for a reason...they find sensory clues with one of their most sensitive areas - their tongues. Of course, keep an eye on what they're sticking in their mouths. They can stick small chokable objects in their mouths, too, and of course make sure they don’t stick any potentially hazardous material in there that could make them sick.

Make a photo of the process and upload it to the App. Write briefly about your own ways to develop the baby's sensory skills.

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