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How to help a father establish an emotional connection with a child

A family will be happy if there is an emotional connection between all its members. To make your relationship more trusting, follow the advice of our psychologist.

under 8 years

One of the most common complaints of young mothers is: their husband does not devote time to the child. Moreover, the smaller the child, the less interest a man has. However, the situation should be considered from two sides, because sometimes the mother takes care of the baby so possessively and takes such charge that the man simply cannot understand what their role is in raising the baby.

Of course, this isn’t a situation where the father simply does not want to devote time to the child, instead, we are talking about when the father would like to be with the child, but for some reason, every time, attention is still shifted to the mother.

Of course, for a little while after the birth of the baby, the mother needs more help in the house, taking care of the child, but then it is the father-child relationship that becomes just as important as the mother-child relationship. When the mother is completely immersed in upbringing, the father may feel unnecessary and, in general, not understand his role and importance in the life of the baby. Here the mother of the child needs to help the father of the baby to establish a connection with them, because she was close to the baby 9 months longer than the father.

Therefore, it is important for a young mother to involve dad in her activities with the child. For example, even when you just lie down, when the baby has a daytime nap, call dad, just lie all together for a while. A man should feel that he is also needed and important, that his place next to his wife is not occupied by the baby, and the child has their place, next to both of you. Tell your husband how he could help you, ask for advice in a given situation, because two heads are better than one.

It is very difficult for a man to just come home from work and start playing with a child if there is no well-formed emotional connection between them. Sometimes the father is scared to be alone with the baby, as he feels like a stranger (due to the lack of this very connection). Therefore, it is important to focus not on the father's actions themselves (playing with the baby, bathing, walking, etc.), but rather focusing on the fact that you have a trio, and not a duet - a mother and a child.

A young mother should encourage communication between the baby and the father, while it is necessary to support and praise her husband, allow him to take the initiative and thank him for his help. Also, a woman should pay special attention to her spouse. Then the young dad will not feel like a stranger, not needed or in the way. And only in this case will a strong emotional relationship be formed between mom, dad and baby.

Be attentive to each other, give time, affection and love to all family members, so that there are no people deprived of love and warmth in your home.

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