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Wash the dishes holding your baby with one hand

2 months

Necessary skill that will be useful for you in the next few months!

Kids are fond of viewing everything that adults do - combing hair, brushing teeth, washing dishes, cleaning bed, sweeping the floors, etc. And they are also fond of being held! Doing so, babies learn to live in this world. Therefore it is important for parents to learn to do the household chores, holding their baby in arms.

Start with washing cups, because they are usually not very dirty and are easy to wash. Just put the cup into the corner of the sink and rub with a sponge, holding your baby with the second hand in an upright position. Don't forget to support your little one's head with your arm.

When your baby gets older, you'll manage to hold him or her on your hip - your kid will be glad to observe the process.

Make photos of you washing dishes with a baby and upload to the App. Write whether you managed to complete the task quickly or needed someĀ 

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