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Bond with your baby!

under 9 months

Build a strong connection with your newborn in those early days of parenthood!

Bonding with your new baby can take some time. You and the baby will get to know each other after being around one another over an extended period of time. There isn't really a timetable in regard to the amount of time required to achieve a bond with your baby. The relationship you have with your child will be constantly evolving over time.

Have Patience. Bonding with your baby doesn't just happen overnight. Bonding happens over multiple days and nights of being together. You will become accustomed to one another after being around each other for a period of time and you can begin to anticipate each others wants, needs, and moods.

Relax. Being a parent can seem like a daunting task at first, just remember you are not alone. People have been pulling off this whole parenthood thing since before we were born. All sorts of emotions can accompany parenthood, if you find yourself overwhelmed, take a minute for yourself and just relax. Put on some music, read a book or magazine, exercise, step outside for a minute, or try some breathing exercises if you get too frustrated.

Build a support system. A person can't raise a kid all by oneself. You will need some type of support structure in place to keep you sane. Whether it be the baby's grandparents or some other relative, you will need some one to help you out. Some people have to work so, a close-friend, babysitter, or daycare may also be an option, if you can't stay at home with your baby all day everyday. Even if you can stay with your baby all day and night, you will want some time for yourself.

Get out of the house. Being locked up in the house all day is bad for you and your kid. Go somewhere, go for a walk, go for a drive, go to the park, go to a museum, go to the zoo, go to the aquarium, go to the beach, go get involved in a "play group," just do something. Being in different environments with your baby will give the two of you a chance to have fun and bond at the same time.

Have fun. Realize your baby won't be a baby forever, so cherish every moment and take every opportunity to love, appreciate, and have fun with your new baby.

Make cute photos with your newborn and upload to the App. Write there the adorable names you call your little one!

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