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Change the tone and intonation of your voice

under 1 month

Don't think that your newborn baby only eats and sleeps now - it is not so!

The development of your little one begins in the first days of life: tactility, vision, hearing. Therefore, it is important to pay particular attention to the comprehensive development at this stage.

Talk to your newborn! Coming into the room, when your baby is not asleep, tenderly call him or her by name. When your baby is dissatisfied with something and cries, raise your voice a little bit (but do not shout!) to attract his or her attention. Change your voice's tone and intonation. Speak tenderly when stroking, changing clothes, rocking, soothing. Learn to show your feelings with your voice, and at one wonderful moment your baby will reward you with the first smile or a meaningful, thoughtful sight!

Make photos of your first conversations with your baby and upload to the App. How does your little one react to voice changes?

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