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Develop your baby comprehensively

under 9 months

Physical, emotional, intellectual and social development of a baby are closely related. Create a development environment for your little one.

First at all, talk to your baby. Face them when talking so your baby can see you and smile with you.

Talk about what you are doing, familiar objects, or people. Even though a baby cannot understand everything you say, they will learn many words that will form the basis for language later on. Provide an atmosphere rich of sound. Help your baby to learn to recognize ordinary household sounds, such as a vacuum cleaner, a radio, a clock, a whistling tea kettle, or a doorbell.

Place your baby in new places and new positions so that he or she can see you and others from different angles.

Respect a baby's natural schedule. Most babies will settle into a regular routine for eating, sleeping, and soiling their diapers. Some babies need to eat more frequently than some others. Some will sleep more and take longer naps.

Provide interesting objects for your baby to feel, touch, mouth, and explore. Square nylon scarves, cold metal bowls, plastic measuring cups, large wooden spoons, and wet washcloths are favorite household toys.

Provide opportunities for your little one to smell different smells. Lemon, vanilla, and apple juice are wonderful kitchen smells. Babies also enjoy smelling tree bark, dirt, grass, and other natural things.

Help babies develop a sense of movement and balance by gently bouncing, swaying, and swinging with them.

Give your baby the freedom to move around. Babies enjoy being on their backs so that they can kick, wiggle, and look around. Becoming older, he or she will need space and time to practice crawling, creeping, pulling up, and walking. Spending too much time in a walker, playpen, or infant swing may reduce the development of these important skills.

Stay with your little one when someone new is around. Encourage strangers to approach slowly. Introduce an infant by name, and let him explore someone new in the safety of your presence.

Hold and cuddle your baby when feeding. Even the babies who hold their own bottle need to be held. Being held and cuddled frequently is extremely important in the development of baby's sense of self-worth and security. Holding and cuddling a baby is also a great stress releaser for an adult.

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