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Learn about how your baby communicates

under 9 months

One of the frustrating aspects of being a new parent is knowing that your baby wants or needs something but not knowing exactly what it is.
At the beginning, you may find yourself struggling to understand what is a must have for baby and what his or her cries mean.
With a little practice and some careful attention, you’ll start to notice what your baby is trying to tell you long before he or she begins to speak. To understand your little one, notice your baby's face and eyes. Then listen to the sounds he or she makes. And watch your baby's movements.
This will help you learn what they are trying to tell you.


Crying is probably the number one cue that most parents struggle with when it comes to understanding their babies. That’s simply because most babies cry over so many things that it easily becomes frustrating for parents to try and decipher what it going on. When baby first starts to cry, you may want to just go through a list of must have for baby items, such as food, a clean diaper, or a nap. This may take some trial and error, but eventually you’ll find the right thing, and then you’ll start to notice the subtle differences among your baby’s cries.

Funny Faces

Babies tend to make funny faces, and many parents have a hard time understanding what those faces mean. Whether it’s a frown or a furrowed brow, the little faces that your baby makes will mean something. As you start to notice baby’s funny faces, try to determine whether the faces seem to indicate happiness or sadness of some kind. Cuddle time is a must have for baby, so if your little one is looking sad, you may want to try giving him or her some cuddles. Even if you have just a few minutes for cuddling, this can improve baby’s mood as well as your own.

Rubbing Eyes

A good night’s rest is a must have for baby, but not all babies are great sleepers. In many cases, your baby will actually fight going to sleep and become really cranky. This is one of the things that it is really easy for parents to pick up on. One of the major giveaways for babies who are sleeping is rubbing of the eyes. If you start to notice that your little one can’t stop rubbing his or her eyes, then you know that it’s time for you to put baby down for a nap. If your little one won’t go without a fuss, you may need to try a baby massage.

Make cute photos of your baby and upload to the App. Write briefly how you manage to understand your little one's signals of his or her needs and wishes.

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