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Beware of overheating your baby

under 9 months

Do we like too much heat? - Why should the baby?

Does your baby have little red pimples on their cheeks, forehead, head, neck, even on their arms and legs? Have you touched your baby’s hair and felt that it’s damp? Does your baby sweat? Is it breathing rapidly? Is it restless? - The reason might be that you are overheating your baby.

When they overheat, the baby's heart, lungs and sweat glands must work harder to cool down. To avoid overheating, keep your baby's room at around 61oF to 68oF. It is best to use single sheets, or comfortably fitting baby sleeping bag for bedding.

Avoid pillows or quilts. It is preferable not to swaddle the baby or if you do it to use light materials.

Keep the baby's head uncovered. Watch for signs of overheating - sweating, heat rush, rapid breathing, agitation, a feverish brow.

Check the baby's tummy to gauge temperature. Look for sweat or feel the baby. If the baby's hands or feet are cold, don't worry as this is normal in most cases.

If the baby is too cool, add a blanket. If the baby is too hot, remove a blanket. Don't use a hot water bottle or electric blanket. Avoid placing the baby too close to a radiator in the room. Leave the baby's head uncovered. To avoid overheating babies lose excess heat. Babies lose excess heat mainly from their heads.

Make sure that the baby does not wriggle down under sheets by tucking the sheets securely at the level of the shoulders.

Make a photo of your baby playing and upload to the App. Write how you usually dress your baby at home.            

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