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Take your baby to the family table!

from 9 months to 1 year 6 months

Traditional wisdom requires mashing and blending early foods for baby. However, as baby matures, allowing babies to enjoy the foods from the family table is easy and enjoyable.

Baby-led weaning, or so-called “less-stress method” of feeding baby, allows the older baby to confidently feed themselves with many of the same foods the rest of the family is eating.

Besides time-saving benefits, allowing baby to take charge of feeding themselves also supports speech and motor development and encourages an overall more accepting attitude toward wholesome foods. So let baby join in at the family table and dig in!

Teaching baby to use sign language has a host of benefits, the best being reduced frustration, especially when it comes to feeding time. Babies taken to the family table learn basic signs early, such as “food, eat,” “milk,” “all done”, “more” and “please” (especially if you like good manners!). Signs for mommy, daddy, banana, cracker, various animals (monkey is especially fun), shoes, etc. Not only do kids get a kick out of it, but some experts believe that learning sign language early actually improves later vocabulary skills. At the family table your little one will joint your family traditions, your manners of behavior and communication. Picky-eaters will learn to eat more with adults and other kids.

Make photos of your baby sitting at the family table and upload to the App. Add some words about the experience.

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