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Favorite toys

Favorite toys

from 9 months to 1 year 6 months

Does your baby need a lot of toys? - Definitely not!

Your attention and care are much more important for the little one's development. 

Even if you don't purchase developing toys, but love your baby, care of him/her, pay much attention to the little one, talk to him/her, explain your and the baby's actions, allow to explore the world around - your baby will develop better than one who has lots of developing toys but doesn't get enough of their parents' attention.

Playing with developing toys means that Mom and Dad show the baby how to do it - so, without your help even the best and most expensive toys are useless.

Mom and Dad are the best "developing tools" for babies!

Make photos of your games with the baby, upload to the App. Write how you deal with the little one in everyday life.

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