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Playing with your 10 month old

Playing with your 10 month old

10 months

Your baby's personality is really emerging now. Their social skills are blossoming and they might give broad smiles to everyone they meet. Or they may be a little shy, hiding their face when well-meaning strangers try to chat. They’re developing a real mind of their own – especially when they don’t fancy getting into their car seat or buggy and instead do their very best impersonation of a plank of wood.

They’ve loved dropping things out of their high chair for months – but now see if they can throw and catch. Gently throw a beanbag or toy onto the tray and as they prepare to drop it, lean over and catch it, then throw it gently back.

They’ll love action songs that link words and gestures now, such as Pat-a-Cake Pat-a-Cake or This Little Piggy. Your baby may now understand the concept of role-playing, so choose something from your cupboards or toys like plastic food and tools, to inspire pretend play and enhance your baby’s imagination.

Make photos of your playing baby, upload to the App. Write about his/her favorite games.

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