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Your baby's communication

Your baby's communication

10 months

Your baby's personality is really emerging now. Their social skills are blossoming and they might give broad smiles to everyone they meet. Or they may be a little shy, hiding their face when well-meaning strangers try to chat. They’re developing a real mind of their own – especially when they don’t fancy getting into their car seat or buggy and instead do their very best impersonation of a plank of wood...

Your baby will repeat sounds, gesture for your attention and may wave goodbye when they see you head for the door. They are really beginning to understand much of what you say to them – perhaps even simple instructions like ‘please pass me the ball’ - even if they can’t say much yet.

Some babies may be trying out a few words by now; others may be waiting until they feel more confident. Studies show the average age for a first word is 10-11 months. Somewhat annoyingly for mums, Dada is usually first.

Make cute photos of the little one, upload to the App. Write about his/her new skills and attempts to communicate.

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