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Draw a striped blanket with pastels

Draw a striped blanket with pastels

from 1 year 6 months to 3 years

In simple terms, all pastels are made of ground pigments mixed with a binder then pressed and dried to hold their form. The type and amount of binder defines whether the pastel is hard, soft, or oil based. The actual word “pastel” comes from the Italian word pastello, and means paste.


  • set of soft pastels;
  • thick rough or fleecy paper - white or colored

материалы и инструменты для детского творчества

Start with training to draw lines - thin and thick. Soft pastels transfer to paper with such rich color, your kid will love using them. Don’t worry if they break or crumble, just keep all the pieces and let your little one have fun. After a while you get used to using small pastel chunks.

ребенок учится рисовать пастелью разными способами

Show your kid how to feather contours and spots, mixing colors - thus he/she will manage to experiment with shades:

разные техники рисования пастелью навыки творчество

Offer your kid to draw a stripy blanket. Just make several vertical lines and ask him/her to fill the area between the lines with multicolored stripes:

нарисовать полоски на листе бумаги детское творчество
ребенок рисует полосатое одеяло занятие для творчества

Feather the stripes.

рисунок ребенка детское творчество

Fix the pieces of pastels with hair spray and let it dry. Your bright picture is ready!

Make photos of your kid drawing with pastels, upload to the App. Write whether he/she liked it.

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