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How to draw a Winter Landscape

How to draw a Winter Landscape

How do you paint a winter landscape? There are easy ways to make a real masterpiece!

5 to 8 years

Painting is a great activity for long winter evenings. It will get your baby in a calm mood and have them ready to sleep. And what should you draw when there is snow and blizzards outside the window? Picturesque winter landscapes, of course.

You will need:

  • White thick paper;
  • Gouache, brush, jar of water;
  • Cotton swabs;
  • Palette.

  1. Create a sketch - draw a horizon line with a simple pencil, outline the moon and trees.
  2. Paint the sky with brown / blue / purple gouache, paint snow drifts with white paint, trees with black. Leave to dry.
  3. Draw in white gouache a moon in the corner of the paper, and snow on the branches.
  4. Make snowflakes with a cotton swab: lower the stick with paint on the sheet strictly vertically so that the snowflakes are perfectly round.
  5. Draw shadows coming from the trees. To do this, mix white and black gouache to make a gray color (if you do not have a palette, you can use a thick sheet of paper instead). If the moon in the picture is located in the upper right corner, then the shadows from the trees should be drawn going towards the left side.

Activity picture for How to draw a Winter Landscape in Wachanga
Activity picture for How to draw a Winter Landscape in Wachanga

While drawing, conduct a small educational experiment with shadows with your child. Turn off the lights in the room and turn on a small flashlight. Shine a flashlight at different objects from different angles and watch the shadows move.

Take a picture of your toddler while drawing. Write about whether they liked your hands-on experiment with shadows.

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