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Painting for Infants

Painting for Infants

Engage in this fun and creative activity with your baby. This fun pastime will be useful long term for your child, and help build and develop their abilities.

from 9 months to 1 year 6 months

This creative game is sure to please your growing youngster and will be a very useful activity for them. The exercise promotes the development of motor-visual coordination in your baby.

You'll need: 

  • Sheets of paper;
  • Paints, a brush, a jar of water.

  1. Prepare the paint, put a sheet of paper in front of you. You can simply spread the paper on the floor, pre-laying the oilcloth under it.
  2. Show your child how to paint on the paper with bright colors.
  3. The kid will certainly be reaching for the brush - help them grip it in their hand and take part in the process with them.
  4. Let the child also draw with their hands, but encourage them to use the brush when possible because this makes it not only fascinating, but a great way to develop their motor skills.
  5. Experiment with color, explain your actions and the actions of the small artist: "And now we'll take more yellow paint and paint this little corner ... That's a great job! Look how beautiful it's turning out!"
  6. If necessary, use a second and even a third sheet of paper for creative geniuses!

Attention! Activities using paper should only be conducted under adult supervision. Never leave your baby alone and don't let them put any paper in their mouth.

When your baby has drawn enough, put the painted sheets of paper up to dry - they will be useful to you for future fun activities we offer!

Take a picture of your baby during the process, upload the photo to the application. Write about your impressions.

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