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Make a thematic album called “The Autumn”

Make a thematic album called “The Autumn”

from 1 year 6 months to 3 years

Autumn is a wonderful time of year - cooler weather, colorful and crunchy leaves for stomping and playing in. It’s also a great time to learn some new things about the season with your kids.

When most people think about autumn, they think about back to school season, Halloween, cold weather, falling leaves. But maybe there’s something more you and your kids can learn about this special time of year, together.

Try to challenge yourself to make a topical album with your kid!

You'll need an album with thick sheets of paper and your imagination! Push your boundaries and get creative!

Add to your album all the interesting facts, poems, songs, riddles, coloring pages you can find about the bright season.

Now, your kid may or may not know that autumn is more commonly known as "fall” due to the fact leaves fall off the ever-changing trees during this time of year. Add this fact to your album!

You can use pretty pictures from old magazines, your photos with beautiful autumn trees in the background, appliques, crafts made of natural materials, etc.

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Make photos of your album and upload to the App. Write briefly about the process of creating the album and add some words about your kid's impressions.

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