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Plasticine treats for Toys

Plasticine treats for Toys

Creative activities for children are inexhaustible. Many games can be thought up with different materials. Teach your kid to use their imagination and get creative!

3 to 5 years

Take up plasticine modeling with your child. Ask them to make cakes, candies and other sweets for their toys and stuffed animals.

You will need:

  • plasticine;
  • sculpting board;
  • Sculpting tools;
  • peas, beans, pumpkin seeds and so on.

Make fun shaped pies, cakes, pastries together with your child. Use pumpkin seeds, peas, beans, etc. in the design of "dishes".

Your treat is ready, you can have a toy tea party! Take a photo of your baby during the creative process, upload the photo to the app. Write a bit about how it went.

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