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Polar Bear Cub

Polar Bear Cub

Children are very fond of cute fluffy animals, so they will be happy to use their artistic creativity to draw a funny white bear.

from 1 year 6 months to 3 years

Not sure how to entertain your child? - Draw a polar bear with them.

You will need:

  • colored cardboard, glue;
  • white and black gouache, brush, jar of water;
  • round foam rubber stamp for painting, cotton balls, etc.

  1. First sketch out the silhouette of the bear. For coloring in, you can use a brush, foam rubber stamp, a piece of crumpled paper. Make the contours of the teddy bear uneven so that you can see that he is shaggy.
  2. Then draw snowflakes. For this, use cotton swabs, small stamps, or draw directly with your fingers (immediately after drawing, wash the baby's hands with warm water and soap).
  3. When the paint dries, paint the eyes and mouth of the bear on with black gouache. Their snout can be made from black cardboard or painted.

Activity picture for Polar Bear Cub in Wachanga

Take a photo of the bear, upload the photo to the application. Write briefly about the creative process.

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